100% Natural Face Cream with Handmade Coconut Oil & Organic Rosewater


100% Natural Face Cream with Handmade Coconut Oil & Organic Rosewater


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Product Description

Did you know that most face creams contain toxic chemicals including carcinogens & ingredients derived from petroleum that lead to premature aging of the skin? We are offering a 100% natural alternative -a powerful combination of Organic Rosewater and our Handmade Coconut Oil infused with Comfrey leaf. Our coconut oil is superior, especially for skincare, due to our method of extraction. The natural fermentation method does not involve sunlight or high heat, and so the oil retains its powerful skin-nourishing components such as vitamin E and its natural gums. Rosewater has been used for centuries to cool, hydrate, and tone the skin. It is combined with an oil infusion of the herb Comfrey, which is used for its rejuvenative properties. This is a simple yet very effective cream that keeps the skin lubricated & hydrated, maintains skin elasticity, protects against exposure to the sun, toxins, and other free radical producers, prevents and smooths wrinkles, and rejuvenates the complexion

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